Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Budong Project: Update 3, The New Year, Wedding plans, and Old coins

New years eve of 2012 was a blast. Friends came over and we had a rockin good time with lots of food and fun games. As usual we slept at around 2:00 am at the dawn of 2013 and woke up late to a breakfast of last nights left over food.

Jan 01, 2013. It was a lazy day spent mostly on wedding planning with my sweetheart. I also had time to continue sewing my Budong pack. Almost done sewing the shoulder straps. The hip belt pads are now done, but i have to bulk up the padding since my sweetheart said, "make it thicker." I have to do what she says since she will be testing this pack. I was only able to glue the shoulder straps and sew part of it. Hopefully I can get one shoulder strap done this evening.

In the afternoon, after my sweetheart left, i had a chance to check out a bag full of old coins in the garage. They are not that old, but they are coins that are no longer in circulation from the late 70's to mid 90's. I did found some treasures in there; 2 commemorative coins, 2 old Commonwealth era centavo coins, the improved flora and fauna series including the elusive mini 50 centavo coin with the eagle. The bag contains mostly the flora and fauna series of Philippine coins in pristine condition. I was amazed at how shiny and new the coins looked despite being 20+ years old. Shiny 50 centavo coins with the eagle, 1 peso coin with the carabao, and the decagon 2 peso coin with the coconut. I kept some of the shiny ones to complete the series. I returned most in the bag. I will go over them again when i have time since there are more pristine coins in there that i would like to add to my collection. I especially want to find the 1983 50 centavo coin with error. Although i already have one that's not particularly pristine, it would be amazing to find one that is in pristine condition. Now my coin collector mind has once again been turned on. I'll try to post pictures of some of the coins I have. I am now looking for a way to store them properly. For better protection and viewing at the same time. We don't want any fingerprints on the coins now, do we?

Wedding planning is on the way. Not very easy mind you. With all the names of guests, venue options, program, rituals, and more. Not to mention the amount of money to be spent for the ceremony alone. Then again, I am excited to finally get to marry the one i want to spend my life with.


  1. wedding bells are ringing!! woohoo!!

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