Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Coin I wish I had

Last night while photographing myself making my DIY coin holder, my cousin showed me their collection of old coins. One that stood out was a Philippine coin from the commonwealth series (1937 - 1945). It was a fifty centavo coin dated 1944. I read from somewhere that these coins were minted in Manila, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Of course, for one to know where the coin was minted you had to look at the reverse of the coin. If you see a letter M, its minted in Manila, D for Denver, and S for San Francisco, no mint mark meant it was minted in Philadelphia. As I was inspecting the coin I didn't see any mint marks or at least there aren't any mint marks and concluded it was from Philadelphia. I offered to make a holder for the coin.

Fifty Centavos
Philippine-American Commonwealth (1944)

Fifty Centavos
Philippine-American Commonwealth (1944)
The mint mark may have rubbed off from the coins use.

Its a beautiful coin and yes I cleaned it which is a big NO NO for very old and rare coins, but since I figure my cousin will just keep this and not sell it, why not clean it for his enjoyment. He said he found this somewhere during his childhood. Its made of silver, 75% of it at least. I wish I had this in my collection. Commonwealth coins of UNC grade usually sell for thousands here. Buying a very expensive coin is not an option for me. I can only afford coins from the bargain bin. I do recall having a commonwealth coin in my collection back in the province, but I don't remember it being silver.


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