Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Coin Holder (2x2 Card Holder)

Supplies for coin collectors are not readily available where I come from. Most, if not all, supplies for the local coin collector here in the Philippines are imported from other countries and come with a premium. Its really a challenge to find a ready made coin holder made specifically for local coins. Most supplies i have seen online are for US coins that can be used for some of the local size coins.

A coin holder is a 2X2 piece of card with one edge closed and folded over. It has a plastic lining and serves to protect the coins from fingerprints and dirt. I was able to make my own coin holders from locally available materials from the local office supply store. Please note that i have not tested any of the materials for any compounds that might be harmful to coins, which means my holders do not conform with numismatic standards in coin storage and should not be used for high value coins.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any accident or injury you may sustain while doing this DIY project.

Lets get started. First of all, you need to prepare your materials.


1. A coin
2. Poster board
These come in large sheets. You will need to cut them to size.

3. Transparency
4. Scissors, stencil knife, pencil
5. Cutting board and flat clinch stapler


Step 1.
Cut the poster board and transparency to 2 x 4 inch size pieces.

Step 2a.
Fold the poster board crosswise with the white side out.
You will end up with a 2x2 square.
Step 2b.
Fold the transparency crosswise.
You will end up with a 2x2 square.

Step 3.
Take your coin and center it on the folded poster board and trace the coin.
Use an old coin of the same size to do this so that you wont have smudges on your subject coin.

Step 4.
Cut the traced circle using a stencil knife.
Be careful not to cut yourself.
Cut the board through and through.

Step 5.
Insert the folded transparency into the folded poster board.
Make sure closed ends are on the same side.
You now have a coin holder.
Take your coin and carefully center the coin in the holder then fold.

Step 6.
Align the coin such that the top should be at the folded side of the holder.

Step 7.
Take you flat clinch stapler and staple the 4 sides close to the coin.

You will end up with something like this.
The four staplers near the coin are usually enough.
I just like to add extra to flatten the holder.
You will notice some excess transparency protruding from the holder.

The back side. Notice how the staplers are flat instead of the normal arch?
Although normal staplers will do, it's best to get yourself a flat clinch stapler
so that you can have a flatter coin holder that is easy to insert in coin albums.

Step 8.
Take your scissors and cut the protruding transparency.

Step 9.
Take a pen and label you coin holder.

I usually label my coins this way.
Upper left is year of minting.
Top center is the series (Optional)
Lower left is the face value of  the coin.
Lower right is the country of origin.

Another example of how I label my coins. You may do so differently.
As far as i know, there is no standard for labeling.
Notice how the cut out is larger than the coin?
Sometimes I like to do it this way.
It allows me to see the edges of the coin and not just the faces.
Just use a larger coin to trace the circle.

I don't label the back side, unless there is something about the back that needs noting.

And you are done! Congratulations in making you own coin holder!

Please leave your comments and suggestions below. My procedure is in no way perfect and i am open to your suggestions.



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