Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready for the climb

All my stuff are packed and ready to go. I hope i didnt forget any important gear. I still have to go to work tomorrow until 6 PM. Bus leaves for Aritao at 9:00 PM. I hope there is no traffic or else i will miss the bus. My companions have already taken their leave tomorrow so they have a lot of time to prep. As for me, if I happen to forget something tomorrow, i will have to buy it.

The mountain we will be climbing is called Palali. It is in the heart of my home province of Nueva Vizcaya. The mountain is not very well known. Unlike its neighbors, Pulag and Ugo, Palali is seldom climbed by recreational mountaineers and its forests remain pristine and its flora and fauna largely unexplored. We are set to climb it on the morning of Feb 2. The plan is to have breakfast at our house in Aritao, prep our stuff, and leave that which isnt needed, then go to Solano, then to Quezon.

Members of team Palali are, Mike, Joy, Worthy, and Anne. Plus our guide Roldan Mina. That makes 5 of us. Of course in this climb i will be taking the lead role. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous in the sense that I can never account for the unknown. If something bad happens, its all on me. Excited, because i can finally climb the mountain of my dreams.

I hope i can document the hike. The goal is to establish the trail and put it on the map. As for the hidden gems in Palali, i plan to let them be hidden. I already have a vague idea of the general direction we will be taking in climbing Palali. General direction would be Southeast. The terrain can be seen on google maps and i can somewhat figure out where the campsite will be and where it is possible to pass with least resistance and shorter distance. I will find out on Saturday if indeed i was able to plot the trail correctly. I still have to print a map.

I'll be posting updates and hopefully pictures by Monday next week. I was joking a while ago about updating my last will and testament. I dont plan on dying up there, but you never know, but there is one thing i know, God will keep us safe. He will be our guide, and He will allow us to enjoy the wonder and beauty of His creation.