Sunday, January 27, 2013

GEAR hunting: A day with my fiance

My fiance and I went on our gear hunting today. We went looking for gear we can use in our upcoming hike this weekend in my home province. While waiting for her at farmers plaza, she sent me a text telling me she forgot her wallet. She asked if she could go back to get her wallet at her apartment, but I convinced her not to. That would mean that i would be spending for all our purchases, but I didn't mind. She is after all my fiance.

We checked out the thrift stores beside farmers and gateway mall. The first store we went into was huge. Lots of clothes and shoes, bags and accessories all over the place. We spent our time there until 12:30. We checked almost every line of clothes. Eventually we found ourselves in the jacket section and we saw lots of great finds. Joy, my fiance, was so frustrated when she found a really cool jacket that couldn't fit her. We eventually found 3 really nice jackets that fit her, but then again she wanted all three jackets. I was able to convince her to just get one. Whew! that was close. Even though the jackets are affordable, its would have been unwise to buy a lot of jackets. Then we moved on to the jogging pants section and she got 2 pairs for herself. Lunch was next in order as it was already past 12 noon.

After a hearty meal, we went to this other thrift store. Not very big, but they had better selections. I was able to get pants for my friend Worthy. I just hope it fits him. On to another thrift store where i got myself a jacket and a dry fit shirt. At this point i was beginning to tire. It was almost 5 PM. We dropped by cubao expo next and we found these stores selling really old stuff and now we were in coin hunting mode. Unfortunately, only one store sold old coins. We rummaged through their collection of really beat up coins. They were not that old, but i was able to find a coin to complete my 1958 Philippines English series coins. It was the fifty centavo coin. Joy, however, collected old tokens that were used in the arcade during the past decade. She was very delighted to see an LRT token. All in all she got 8 token and 1 coin, while i just got 1 coin. I paid 20 pesos per piece which was a relatively fair price.

The sun was setting and my fiance already noticed i was tired. We stopped by a convenience store for some water then we headed into the mall to check out backpacks. I was able to get her a new mountaineering backpack for a relatively affordable price, but its the most expensive item we bought today. She was very happy which made me very happy. She said she enjoyed hunting with me, which made my heart melt. Awww!

Eventually it was time to go home and we parted ways. I am now currently entering this blog as i wait for my coin to get cleaned. I soaked the coin in soapy water to get rid if the dirt and grime it had accumulated over the years. After posting this, i will go check on my coin, clean it up and get it in my album.

It was a great day! Man! it beats those movie dates me and my fiance usually have. Maybe next time we can go look for new hunting grounds.

Thanks for a great day sweetheart! Next time we can go hunting in Las Pinas. Love you!

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  1. glad we didn't come. :D the pants fit perfectly by the way. Thanks!