Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Journey To Skyworld

"Four would be "maharlikas" are about to embark on a journey to scale the heights and try to catch a glimpse of the skyworld. The journey will only take but a few hours, but it will be the hardest journey. Little is known about this window to skyworld known as Palali. The steps will be treacherous, the way will be riddled with innumerable dangers, led by the keeper of the path known only as Roldan, will the four "maharlikas" reach their destination? Will they really catch a glimpse of the skyworld?"

Nice intro to an epic myth right? Not! I'm just really excited to finally be able to climb one of the mountains I have been longing to climb for three years. I cant wait to experience the trail, the forest, the flora and fauna of the little known mountain in my home province. They say the weather is unpredictable, and they are right. I should know because i have lived in that province for most of my life. The weather there is somewhat close to Baguio at this time of year.

I will be bringing along my fiance, a friend of mine and his friend. Together we will tread the trail not often trod to get to the top of a mountain most people haven't climbed. Its a privilege to climb this mountain and i consider it an honor as a Novo Vizcayano to be able to stand atop its peak.

"Wait for us skyworld, you sons and daughters long to see your golden gates!"


  1. Adik!!! I seriously shouldn't have lent you that book!!

    1. Its ok. Dont worry. This too shall come to pass. I just let my imagination run wild for a while.