Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coin Collection: Commemorative Coins

My coin collecting hobby has recently been rekindled. I have been collecting coins since I was a child, but as a child would, I put my coins, unprotected, in one box. Which would mean, that any coin in good condition before, is now ruined. My collection remains in my room in our house in the province. Right now it is out of my reach. So i figured i would start a collection where i am right now and try to complete the Philippine coin series from the American occupation to the present. Right now I will be sharing to you the commemorative coins I have.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of commemorative coins and the really rare ones are real treasures of you happen to have one. Since there are too many commemorative coins, of which some are impossible to own in my lifetime,  I will only talk about the ones I do have in my possession. I am not a professional collector, nor an expert in coins. I am merely a novice enthusiast who appreciates historical currencies. The holders of my coins are my own DIY version and may not be up to standards with the real coin holders. My purpose is just to protect from scratches and fingerprints.

Below is my collection of commemorative coins that are with me. Notice the coins on the top row have duplicates. First two coins on the top row from left are, 1989 Dekada ng Kulturang Pilipino 1 peso coins. The two decagon coins on the upper right are, 1991 Ika-100 Taong Kaarawan Jose P. Laurel 2 peso coins. Lower left, 1992 Araw ng Kagitingan Ika-50 Anibersaryo 1 peso coin. Lower right, 1991 Ika-400 Taon ng Antipolo 1 Peso Coin.

All 1 peso coins i got from a collectors store in Megamall. The 2 peso coins i got from a bag of coins in the house.

More details below.
One Peso Araw ng Kagitingan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin (1992)

Philippine Flag, Dambana ng Kagitingan, Bust of Philippine Solidier
"Araw ng Kagitingan" "1942-1992" "Ika-50 Anibersaryo"
Seal of the Philippines, "Republika ng Pilipinas" "1 Piso"

One Peso Dekada ng Kulturang Pilipino Commemorative Coin (1989)

Busts of 3 Indigenous Filipinos, Rice Terraces, Hills, Abaca Plants, Zamboanga Vintas, "Dekada ng Kulturang Pilipino" 1988-1998

One Peso Dekada ng Kulturang Pilipino Commemorative Coin (1989)
Seal of the Philippines, "Republika ng Pilipinas", "1-Piso", Year Mark

 One Peso Antipolo 400th Year Anniversary Commemorative Coin (1991)

Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls, Nuestra SeƱora de la Paz y Buen Viaje (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) on the San Jose, Artocarpus incisa (Breadfruit tree), "Ika-400 Taon ng Antipolo, Rizal"1591-1991

Seal of the Philippines, "Republika ng Pilipinas", 1-Piso

Two Peso Jose P. Laurel Birth Centenary Commemorative Coin (1991)

Jose P. Laurel "Ika-100 Taong Kaarawan" 1891-1991
1943 Seal of the Republic of the Philippines with an equilateral triangle with the words Kapayapaan (Peace), Kalayaan (liberty), Katarungan (Justice). "Republika ng Pilipinas", 2 Piso

I missed uploading the Antipolo coin closeups. Will update later.

Update: Antipolo Coin has been uploaded.

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  1. nice one! yehey!! :D let's sort out those coins in your province! :D roadtrip!! :D

  2. Where did you get the Coin holders from

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for viewing. I made those myself with posterboard and transparency. I'll be posting a how to soon.

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