Sunday, January 27, 2013

GEAR Hunting

As a mountaineer, i want my apparel to be really durable, but i also dont want to spend over 1000 pesos for a pair of pants or leggings. Come on! My alternative in acquiring really nice, branded, and almost new mountaineering gear is the Ukay-Ukay.

Tomorrow, my fiance and I will be trolling the streets of cubao for ukay-ukay shops to look for those elusive mountaineering apparel for a fraction of the price. I have had quite a bit of luck in ukay-ukay shops before. I found mountaineering pants, a long sleeve top, a fleece jacket, and a shirt. They are all branded, but i will not mention their brands here for secrecy purposes. If the sellers knew we were after specific brands, they would jack up the prices and they will once again become elusive items.

My hunting list for tomorrow,

1. Pants/convertibles
2. Long sleeve hiking top
3. Jacket/lightweight, packable, and provides good insulation for its weight.
4. Gloves

Wish us luck. In case we get any, I'll try to post an update and probably show you some pics with the brand names edited off the pictures. Woohoo! Cant wait!

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