Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Budong Project: Update 4

Having been able to put most of my local coins in coin holders, I didn't have much to do tonight. Instead of making coin holders for my foreign coin collection, I decided to continue with the Budong Pack that has been put on hold for the past week.

Remember that this project is a hand sewn backpack. Last time I was able to sew part of the shoulder trap, now I was able to finish sewing the side of the shoulder strap in order to accommodate the padding. I am still thinking if the padding I plan on using is appropriate. I had a comment that I should double up the padding on both the shoulder straps and hip belt. I'll try doubling the padding to see the effect. As usual it takes quite some time and effort to hand sew something, but the results are quite good and you wont notice its hand sewn until you see the stitches up close. Tomorrow i'll try to finish the other shoulder strap so that I can proceed with cutting some padding and try to jam it into the shoulder strap before I actually attach the straps to the backpack body.

Thats all for now.

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