Friday, January 11, 2013

Coin Collection: Minting Error

1983 50 Centavo coin. Flora and fauna series (1983-1990) Philippines

The first minting of the Philippine 50 centavo coin of the flora and fauna in 1983 had a major error on it. As always Banko Sentral was quick to correct the error. I don't know how many error coins were actually put into circulation, but according to some websites, this error coin is quite rare nowadays, but the price is still relatively cheap.

Can you guess the error?

Bank Sentral made an error in the Philippine Eagle's scientific name. Can you guess which if the above is the mistake?
The left coin reads, "PITHECOPHAGA JEFFERYI." The one on the right reads, "PITHECOBHAGA JEFFERYI."

Did you notice the difference? The P and B. so which one is the error coin?

The one on the left is the correct one. The one on the right is the error coin. I didn't know about this error until recently and I am lucky enough to have lots of this error coins in hand thanks to a forgotten bag full of flora and fauna series coins at home. The error coin was still legal tender before and was accepted for trade.

I don't know the going rate for a good 50 centavo error coin, but i read in a forum once that some people are willing to trade fairly rare foreign coins for this. I have approximately 20 of these some are very ugly, but some are still in good condition. If anyone wants a coin like this, trade me something for it. hehe. O_O

This error coin in still quite good in appearance, but you can clearly see the scratches on the coin. The correct coin at the top is better looking, but then again the error was minted first, making it older the the correct coin.

A better closeup of the error.

Its kind of cool to have one of these and I am a proud owner of a piece of history that tell me even banks make mistakes. >_<

Below is the coin I separated. For me this is the most visually appealing of the bunch.

50 Centavo Coin Error - Philippines

50 Centavo Coin Error - Philippines
1983 50 Centavo coin. Flora and Fauna series.



  1. I am an Englishman married to a Filipino and we run a coffee shop in Bacolod. I have just taken one of these coins in my till as a 1 peso coin. YIPPEE, thank you LORD.

  2. i have that 50 cents error coin how much the value of that