Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Budong Project: Update 2

Just got back from the holiday break. I went home to the province to celebrate the holiday with my family. As always, I am in charge of the pasta. Lots of food! Yummy food to be exact. I had pinapaintan, adobong puti, BBQ, pasta, etc...and i got to spend time with my family. I also met my brother-in-law and niece for the first time. It wasn't as bad as I expected. My niece is a cry baby, but cute none the less.

With regards to the bag. I was able to complete hand sewing all the reinforcement patches. As expected i was not able to do anything at home. I did manage to cut the pattern for the shoulder strap and manage to cut one of the traps from my fabric. The other i will do tonight including the hip belts. Now i think i wont have enough fabric for the front pocket. So maybe I will opt not having a pocket anymore. As for the compression straps, maybe I'll just put 1 on each side. which would mean sewing more patches, which is ok. no worries about the sewing, its the cutting i am really not comfortable with.

For the pads, I decided to use the insulation (the one with double sided silver coating used for cars.) for the pads in the shoulder strap and hip belt. Since the pack shouldn't carry more than 15 pounds, it should be ok.

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