Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Budong Project: Update 1

The Budong project is progressing rather slowly. Sometimes i find myself with lack of motivation or just down right lazy to do something for fear of ruining the entire project. So far I have fabric glued the reinforcement patches and hand sewn 2 of the 4 patches for the shoulder straps. I got myself one of those wooden circle things used for hand embroidery so that my fabric is taught when I hand stitch. I have employed the backstitch which my girlfriend says is a running backstitch...which is much more efficiently called a "backstitch." (Spent about five minutes arguing how to call the stitch...ahhh...)

Tonight I hope I can sew the remaining patches and finally have the chance to cut out the pattern for the shoulder strap and hip belt. Dimensions of the shoulder strap is 24" x 4", hip belt is 10" x 4". I haven't done the cutting yet. I am considering adding hip pouches, but its is rather ambitious considering that this is my first backpack project.

I didn't take pictures yet of my progress. Again i am overcome by laziness to even take pictures. My time on the project is spent more on visualizing how this a certain part should be made and how it should all come together and how it should look...and stuff like that. It is mentally exhausting to the point that I fall asleep thinking about this. I really wish i had a sewing machine that can handle heavy thread. That way I wont need to hand stitch every single part of the backpack. I dread hand stitching the entire side of the backpack which is 25" long. Imagine backstitching the entire length and i cant do that with a single piece of thread. i have to section stitch it. As in 5-inch sections because that is what I can stitch at a time without the thread looping on itself. I also have a bit of a concern for  thread tension when doing a hand stitch.

Then there is the front pocket and the extension collar. which adds more sewing time to the pack. oh and the roll top closure system which I haven't yet made because I have no webbing! Crud! Someone please find me a supplier for the materials! Divi is of no help as of yet. I haven't found the secret places to buy fabric yet. I did find an online supplier but its just too expensive. Seriously, 200 pesos for 1 meter of ripstop? That's just not right, right?
Quality side release buckles are also hard to find. Help! Anyone!?


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