Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Budong Project

This project is about making my own hiking pack out of some ripstop material I sourced from Divi. Its blue and its my first prototype backpack. Construction is fairly simple, granting that you are an expert with a sewing machine and a master seamstress. The design is based on a lot of designs I have seen on the internet.

The materials have been cut. (most of it). I will be using free patterns on the internet for the shoulder straps and Hip belt. Target date of completion  is January 12. Some materials will be from an old pack since buckles are hard to come by. I took the pack apart and scavenged the straps and buckles. I have one more backpack to dismember for its straps.
  • Capacity: 23L + 10L(extension collar)
  • Roll top closure. like a dry bag.
  • One external front pocket.
  • With compression straps
This pack will be ideal for ultralight hiking. The overall goal is to make a basic kit that includes the following:
  1. Backpack (Budong pack)
  2. Quilt (Replaces the sleeping bag)
  3. Bivy (for weather/bug proofing the quilt. Can also be used without the quilt on warm summer nights)
  4. Tarp (Main shelter. replaced the tent. Downside is, no privacy)
You are probably wondering how I came up with the name Budong for the backpack. Well, its a secret and will only be revealed to you once I have completed the pack.

Wish me luck.

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