Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Going home every Christmas holiday is one of the most awaited times of the year for me. Being away for most of the year makes it even more satisfying. Being able to see my family, sleep in my bed, eat Mom's cooking, rummage though my stuff, using my Amang's tools, and just being able to be me.

This year brings a bit of hesitation for me to go home. I'm sure there are going to be awkward moments especially since I think my family was invaded. Aside from the fact that we are no longer complete because my younger sister left for KSA to work there for 2 years, it  just doesn't "feel" normal. Then again maybe its just me.

I called Mom last night, and i requested for her adobo. Of course, her adobo is the best in the world and you cant argue about that with me. I'm sure I will be doing the pasta again, but this time the BBQ sauce wont be made by my younger sister. I wonder who will do the sauce this year.

I try to avoid some things, but i guess this year its inevitable. I will have to go home and I will have to face someone. Will I be able to control myself? I cant say for sure. Maybe. Maybe not. Although I am excited to meet someone else. I'm sure she is the cutest new person I will meet. I already have my gifts for her. When she grows up I'm gonna take her mountaineering with me. I just hope her mom doesn't object.

Home! Its where I will always want to be whenever I am down. It will always be the place I'll go back to. Maybe even the place I will go to take my rest someday. A ton of memories, a lot of experiences, more memories to come.

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