Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Obsessed with Hammock Camping

I recently went out camping with friends at Bangkong Kahoy in Dolores Quezon. I must say the experience has made me realize that I am not as prepared as I hoped I was. It wasn't all that bad. I had the opportunity to use my yellow tarp for the first time and everyone loved it since it  was the hangout area / dining area especially when it rained. I hanged my tarp between two trees and pitched it like a regular A frame. I raised one side using my trekking poles to cover more ground. The rain poured hard in the afternoon, but the tarp did its job. Only problem was the place I pitched my tarp was where water apparently drains. It was muddy as hell and this is when I realized that a hammock will work great in that type of situation.

Now I'm obsessed with making my own hammock. My wife gave me a hammock a few years back, but it was a net type hammock. I was able to sleep in it a couple of times, but its not the most comfortable of hammocks. Never again will I be caught unprepared in inclement weather while out camping. Another reason I'm undergoing this project is because water entered our tent at night and it was really a psychological blow. This is also the reason why I have a lot of projects in mind now for the next time I have the opportunity to go camping.

This time I'll focus on making a hammock and this is the MYOG version.

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