Friday, September 8, 2017

DIY Camping Hammock


This is my attempt in making my own camping hammock using methods and techniques I have adapted from sources on the Internet. The designs and ideas are not my own.


To make a camping hammock with a load bearing ridge line. This hammock is to be used with a 10x10 tarp. The ridge line can be used to hang a bug net which will be another future project.


  • 4 yards of ripstop nylon (60in wide).
  • Sewing machine
  • Heavy duty thread
  • 2 Chain links or climbing carabiner
  • 6 meters of 1" nylon webbing
  • 9 feet climbing rope for ridge line
  • 2 pieces of 2 feet long climbing rope same as above.


  1. Ideal hammock length is 9 to 12 feet. In this project, I will be making a 9 foot long hammock,
  2. Hammock should be made from 1 piece fabric with double roll hem on all sides. Long sides hemmed first before the short sides. (You can do this yourself or have a seamstress do this for you). I'm considering having this done by a professional tailor.
  3. A basic knowledge of knot tying is needed for this project. The following are some of the knots I will be using.
    • Bowline
    • Triple fisherman's knot
    • Siberian hitch / Evenk hitch
    • Modified sheet bend or variations of it.
  1. Cut the fabric to size. 9 feet by 5 feet.
  2. Hem along the long sides first using a double rolled hem about 0.5 inch. Hem short sides the same way.
  3. Create 2 loops using the 2 foot long cords. Tie a triple fisherman's knot to create the loops.
  4. Gather the short end of the fabric. Take one of the loops from step 2 and tie a modified sheet bend. Repeat for the other end of the fabric. Tie the knot as tight as you can get it.
  5. Connect the chain links to each loop on the end of the hammock. By this step you already have a hammock but without suspension lines.
  6. Cut the nylon webbing in half. you should have 2 three meter long lines. Burn the ends so that it doesn't fray. Create 2 inch loops on each end of the nylon webbing.
    • Measure 5 inches from the end of the webbing and fold it on itself. Stitch 3 1 inch box stitches from the end of the loop.
  7. Attach the loops to the chain links.
  8. Measure the length of the hammock from one chain link to another. Take 83% of the length. That will be the length of the ridge line.
  9. Hang the hammock. Adjust the ridge line to set the desired sag.

**Stuff sack can be made from excess fabric.

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