Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Small Room

Tell me if you're ever coming back
I've spent my time waiting here for you
When I could have spent it with someone new
In this corner where you left me behind
To run after your dreams that never included me

This space in my heart reserved only for you
Was once filled with hope now it’s just dark with despair
Will it ever be filled? Will it ever be bright? I don’t know.
Because it’s all locked up and the key you took with you.

Time went passed, and then we talked again.
Once you even asked, "Do you think of me still?"
I said, "I think of you and what might have been."
You just said "I’m sorry." Then you vanished again.

This dark and void room I keep deep inside
Its doors locked tight; nothing goes in and nothing goes out
Because I’ve kept it shut, closed and hidden all these years
Its existence is secret known only to me.

Are you still coming back? Time sure is wasting.
The broken man you left here he is killing me.
Emotions are slowly dying, they’re slipping away
Turning hard as steel is the only way left for me.

Because of you, heart of steel that’s what I have become
Even if you come back now I don’t think it will do me any good
The empty room in my heart for you is getting smaller
I’m pretty sure this time you don’t fit in it no longer.


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