Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Hey! I was going through my stuff today and I found the only Kwaderno publication I had. I was going through the pages and i remembered you once told me that you would write for this publication. I dont know if the one i have contains your writing. I went through the pages and i thought maybe one of the poems here was yours. I remember you once told me you never used your name whenever you write. Only problem is I dont know your pen name. I never really asked you about it. Even when you were here I never paid much thought in knowing your alias.

The Kwaderno I have is the 2002 publication, but remember that was the year you left. I guess i was 1 year late because your composition may have been printed in 2001. The book is pretty beat up its been read by a couple of people over the years. I like how its a double sided book. There is no front nor back. You can start reading from any side. The truth is, i haven't read all the contents. Sometimes i just browse through the pictures and wonder how the artists were able to come up with those impressive pencil drawings. The style is still influenced by the 90's. None of those photoshoped, super colorful vector art we often see today. Its gritty yet a work of art, its somewhat chaotic yet you can easily see the thought in each page.

I still envy that you had that publication. I always asked myself, "Why cant we have that too?" It defined who you were. It showed a form of freedom of speech. Like a rebel's yell in a dictatorial government. So radical...

I will never know your pen name now, but I hope one of the poems is yours. So, did your poem get printed in the Kwaderno that i have? I hope so.


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