Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mount Palali: The Return to Skyworld

Its finally here. 3 more days and I will finally have my revenge. Mount Palali is a nice climbing destination in my home province of Nueva Vizcaya. My friends and I, we called ourselves team Maharlika, climbed this mountain last year and we were beaten by the weather and the trail. Imagine hiking down from camp 1 for 14 hours. Camp 1 was 2 hours away from the summit. There was something wrong there. My parents were worried, I was worried, basically, everyone was worried. We looked like newly dug potatoes when we got back. everything was just covered with sticky mud. My feet smelled weird for a week because of wearing damp shoes for 14 or so hours. It was just a disaster. The good thing is, no one got seriously hurt.

On the 16th of this month we will be travelling to my home province to finally conquer Palali (Skyworld). This time around, my team will comprise of mountaineers with experience. Worthy, who will be returning to Palali for the 2nd time. Barry, Worthy's brother, who has climbed many mountains as well. Clinton, also known as Dokie, my best bud in all my climbs, with whom I share my gear with. And me, who will also be returning to, hopefully, conquer Palali once and for all. I am confident in my teams capabilities and speed this time around. I can count on them to share more of our load in terms of food. Unlike last time that I carried most of the food. I pray that this time, no one gets injured or hurt.

Wait for me Skyworld! You haven't beaten me yet!

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