Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountaineering Plans

Yes its the rainy season. Not really the season for mountaineering, but its a good time to prepare for the next big climb. The rainy season doesn't make mountaineering impossible here in the Philippines, it just makes it that much more dangerous. I remember climbing Mount Palali in Nueva Vizcaya earlier this year. It was hell. It rained before our climb, making the trail so muddy that it took us 14 hours to climb down without our bags. Sheesh! The again, that experience made me yearn to return to Palali for my revenge. Just to make sure my revenge will be successful, I'll do it next year during the summer.

For now, the main thing is to take care of my equipment and maybe add a few here and there. I need two more pieces of gear - a stove and a tent. Considering the fact that I wont be climbing alone in the next few years, i really need a tent of my own and not borrow from friends. For now i can make do with my hammock and tarp, or borrow a tent.

Mountains lined up are Apo, Kibungan, and Bakun. Apo and Kibungan will be return trips, but Bakun will be new for me. Of course there is still my revenge on Palali.

Projects that have been temporarily shelved are my DIY backpack, my DIY sleeping quilt, my DIY bivy bag, my DIY ground sheet, and my DIY 2 person tent. The tent can wait since i already have a tarp. All i need is a pole and some rope, plus a ground sheet and a bug protection of some sort. Come to think of it, i think i bit off more than i can chew, but then again, its fun.

Another thing i have lined up to do is the overnight survival training at JEST camp. Exciting and scary at the same time. Survive the jungle overnight with just a knife and a water bottle.

Wow! Looking at it now, that's a lot for a hobby. I wish someone would sponsor me. hehehe. It would be nice to have equipment and resources to make m projects. Hopefully someone will read this and be moved to sponsor (yeah right!).


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