Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Are Important to Me

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I thought I learned my lesson. I guess its true that people can't change on their own. I was very confident that I already know what to do in a relationship like this. I lost someone before, because i was too naive to notice something so obvious. I always expected her to be there and I neglected to make her feel important to me. It came to a point that I was no longer part of her world. I became just a memory. To her i was just a whisper in the wind. Before I knew it, she was already far away that no matter how hard I tried, my efforts to reach her were in vain and she was gone. Her words are still in my head, " I never felt important to you." I promised myself that I wouldn't make the same mistake again and for the longest time I was very confident that I learned my lesson.

Now I find myself in the same situation. Though I grew older, nothing had changed. I guess you can say I didn't grow up. You were crying out for me, but I was never there to listen. Now fear has once again come to me, the fear that you might leave because you feel unimportant to me. Is it really too late? Can I no longer redeem myself and make up for the mistake? Losing you would be the greatest mistake. I would be the dumbest man alive if I ever let you slip away.
I want to listen to your stories. I want to know your pains and frustrations. I want to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. I want to be able to solve your problems, or at least share your burden to carry it. I want to be able to carry you when you are down. I want to be the one to make you smile. I want to teach you how to play the guitar. I want to listen to your corny jokes and your cheesy one liners.

Its my turn to cry out for you. I just hope you can hear me. Don't give up on me, I am certain its you I need. It may be hard to believe me now, but I hope you open your heart to me, I hope you will listen...."You are important to me."

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