Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coffee Break

You looked into my eyes as if trying to see through my mind.
You kept smiling a smile of real joy.
A smile that got me bewitched and attracted to you.
Everything was right when i met you.
The sky was unbelievably blue.
The air was cool and fresh.
Every color was amplified by the radiance of the sun.
...and your eyes....
I have never looked into someones eyes like that before.
Everything was strangely perfect when we started talking.
Everything fell into place at the right time.
Like puzzle pieces fit perfectly together to make a beautiful picture.
...and it all started one Sudnay morning on that coffee break.
Its like someone conspired to bring us together that day.
We were indifferent to each other at first.
We didn't even try to talk.
But its strange when you think about it....
....because look where we are now.

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