Monday, September 8, 2008

Rain, Lightning, Triple Choco Boom, Ninoy

I was on my way out of our office building when I noticed that the rain was strong outside. Coupled with strong winds and lightnings, it was total chaos outside. I decided then to stay for a while and let the storm ease up a bit. I headed for the food park on the third floor, bought triple choco boom from Country Style, and took a window side seat to watch the fireworks outside; lightning bolt.

While i was munching away on the chocolate covered pastry, i couldn't help but hear the conversation of two men seated at the table opposite mine. The first guy was a bit stout, wore glasses, had short hair, and did most of the talking. The other man was slim, had long hair, did most of the nodding in agreement to the other guy. I heard them talk about movies. The stout guy told the other guy not to watch Babylon AD because it sucks. He did however recommend The Dark Knight, which he claimed had 94% consistent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I was glad to hear that....i am, after all, a Batman fan.

The conversation shifted to Ninoy. I heard the stout guy ask, "If Ninoy didn't die, would he still be respected or viewed the way people see him now? or would he be despised in the same way as our current leaders?" The thin guy didn't answer immediately, which prompted the stout guy to say, "i think he will be seen like our current leaders." According to him, Ninoy had no plans of dying. The reason why we hail him as a hero today was because he died and the media glorified his image. His plan was actually to get Marcos' blessing to be his successor to the presidency. Ninoy's plan was to become president. Ninoy had agreements with the ASEAN, Japan, and the MNLF. I didn't hear most of what those agreements were since i was also preoccupied in watching the lightning bolts as they hit lighting rod after lightning rod on top of buildings. I heard him say, "The Filipino is worth dying for. Yeah right! Ninoy had no plans of dying."

To some extent, i agree with him. The part where.."if ninoy didn't die..."...that part. If Ninoy didn't die and he became president, we would probably label him no better then the "trapos" that are now seated in the system and taking advantage of the taxes that you and i pay every month during payday. Now, whether or not he conspired with the ASEAN or MNLF cannot be proven as of yet. At least i haven't seen any documents that support such things. It may or may not be true. I guess we will never see what would've happened if Ninoy didn't die. All we can do now is accept the fact that he died, and his death triggered one of the most prominent events in Filipino history.

After the ninoy episode, i decided I heard enough and seen enough lightning for one night. I stood up and headed home.

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