Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home has R&R written all over it

Its true. For someone who is away from home most of the year, home is definitely the best R&R spot in the world. The smell of the familiar air, the site of familiar faces and scenes, the sound of the birds chirping in the morning, the warm sun, the cold rain in the afternoon, the cool breeze at night, ...there is no place like home. Oh yeah, the feel of my own bed, the ambiance of my own room, the smell of my old clothes..... Aaaahhh!
Going home for me is a priviledge. Yup i went home during the lenten season and it was great! Although i wish i had more time to spend at home. I once again had the chance to rumage around my old stuff that some people may consider junk, but they are my treasures. My room is full of stuff people would generally throw away. I have old coins, old books, old magazines, old wooden boxes, old clothes, peices of paper that are older than me. Things that remind me of the things past especially my childhood and of course stuff that remind me of my late grandfather. He is the source of most of the old stuff in me room. I keep his old cameras, air brushes, pantographs, some of his old paintings, etc. I have enough stuff to make a small museum and all of these are stuffed in my room. It makes me sad sometimes to think i no longer live in our house and no longer sleep in my own room. I can imagine my room when i am not in it and its just a sad sight. Its green walls seem lifeless and void. My mom probably changes the bedsheets still even though no one is going to sleep on my bed. Its always ready should i return home at anytime.
Being the computer geek of the family, the first thing my parents make me do is fix the computer. Reformat and reinstall, remove viruses and stuff. After that, i have all the time going through my old stuff and just be lazy. Spend time with my siblings, my cousins, "pamangkins", and some friends.
Did i mention the food? Heaven!!!! nothing beats food from my own home. Of course i may be a bit biased since thats my home i'm talking about.

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