Friday, January 16, 2009

Choco Mallows and my eventual sadness

As a child i grew up where stuff like Choco Mallows were not your average candy in the store. They were extra special and we don't get them often. A box would last for 3 days to a week. It was a real treat. A box contained 6 biscuits topped with a large, half-moon shaped, marshmallow, and covered in chocolate. I remember the joy I felt when i peeled off the foil wrapper gently; making sure the foil doesn't tear apart. The suspense mounts as little by little, the brown treasure within the silver shell reveals itself. I remember i used to eat it from top to bottom. I'd dig my teeth into the mallows first, and finish it off with a crunch on the biscuit.
For the sake of travelling back to those memories, i bought myself a box just now. To my shock and dismay, i saw 6 small choco mallows in the box. The wrapper clearly too big for the treasure within. I was sure the box didnt change, but the contents sure did. The mallows have suddenly shrunk to 3/4 its original size. Not to be subdued by the shocking revelation, i picked one up, gently peeled away the silver foil, making sure not to tear it. The once great choco mallow was now just three quarters of its former self. I munched it down in three bites. The taste sure hasnt changed. It tasted like 20 or so years ago, when mom would come home from work with a box of choco mallows just for me.
Sadness overcame me when i looked inside the box and saw the remaining five, peculiarly small choco mallows. I thought to myself, "Times sure have changed. Some things cant be brought back the way they were. I would hate to see the day that choco mallows would just be the size of peanuts."


  1. I affirm with you...kadramahan ka lolo!

  2. other stuff that shrunk:

    1. dunkin donuts
    2. pringles
    3. alcala milk candy hehehe!
    4. the list goes on...

  3. isama niyo na rin yung pandesal at mantikilyang tig-5 pesos sa bakery... hmp!